Accessing Files Within Extensions

  • i use fvd speed dial and every time you add a new dial it creates a new backup inside of its extension folder without deleting the old backup. this has a tendency to make a overall back of the user data larger than it needs to be. let's user firefox as an example, if i use hekasoft to backup ff without removing the erroneous backups of fvd it can be 3 quarters of a gig. if i remove the erroneous fvd backups it will be less than 200 megs. currently when i do a vabaldi backup it is over 700 megs and i know it can be under 300 megs. is there any way to allow access to the extensions folders so the fvd backups can be deleted before doing a master backup of vavaldi?

  • extensions are usually in
    %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions

  • doesn't help when the files are locked from editing like they are in chrome, plus figuring out which one of those is actually fvd good luck.

  • o.k. looks like in opera, chrome, vavaldi, and ANY browser based off of chrome the actual fvd backups are locked down, so no way to remove them. thanks to those who attempted to help with this.


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