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    I've just found an option in called "In-Topic Searching".
    Now to me that seems to be exactly what is needed in order to find stuff in the feature requests threads, without having to do weird nonsense with restricting times and sub-forums in the main search.

    My only problem is: I have no idea how it works.

    If I turn that on, and use ctrl+f in the feature requests thread to search for, say "tabs", it will find the first post that contain the word tabs.
    But then, I have no idea how to make it search further than the first page. Is there something I'm missing when using this feature in order to make it search the whole thread?

    I can even do that in the main search box, by typing a search for "in:topic-22411 stack" - but that does the same thing. It just takes me to the first page of the topic and searches there.

    Could someone point out what i'm not seeing that would let me easily get results from the entire topic? (It's probably really obvious and sitting right in front of me, but I can't find it).

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    @lonm It is pretty much useless as it stands. It does not even highlight the first found instance.

    Stick with the advanced search.

    I suggest bookmarking any advanced search limited to forum and period, then you just need to change the search term to find something else.

    Search for "Tabs" during the Last Week

    • When more than a week has passed since the Feature Request thread was started, change the period to one month, etc.
    • To allow for variant spelling, type both, e.g. customise customise, which will also find "custom."

    0_1511725881349_Advanced Search Bookmark.png

  • @pesala

    I suggest bookmarking any advanced search

    Even you can use the custom search engine (which I just started to get familiar):

    • Add a new engine
    • Set up the URL to[]=48&timeRange=604800&timeFilter=newer&sortBy=relevance&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts
    • The nickname could be !vreq1w for example, so you can create a second engine for two weeks (timeRange=1209600) called !vreq2w and so on

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