After changing the language, Vivaldi broke.

  • While I was using Vivaldi, I changed the language of MacOS to a different language. And restarted the system. Then I became unable to use Vivaldi.
    I can't operate the displayed window at all. I can't even close the window.
    All I can do is to put the window in the dock, to make it full screen.

    Even if I make a new tab, the screen doesn't change at all. When I make a new window, only the window of Vivaldi logo increases.
    0_1511699105364_スクリーンショット 2017-11-26 21.14.50.png

    I disabled the restoration function of macOS, but it seems to be functionally close to "restoration". When restarted, the application that was running until then was automatically started up.

    As a result, I could recover by creating a new Vivaldi Profile or restoring from backup.

    Is this a bug in Vivaldi? Or is it my own bug?

    macOS High sierra 10.13.1 / Vivaldi 1.13.1008.32 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

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    @izacks I'm pretty sure that the folks at Vivaldi change the system language from time to time in the course of their normal testing. Hopefully someone will have seen this before and can offer some advice on how to recover.

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    @izacks I got a suggestion from a fellow Moderator... if you're comfortable doing this, can you please try launching Vivaldi with the "--debug-packed-apps" option? You can do this from Terminal with the following command:

    $ open /Applications/ --args --debug-packed-apps

    This will allow you to debug the Vivaldi UI with Developer Tools. When the splash screen comes up, right-click on it and select "Inspect" from the menu.

    Are any errors logged either in Terminal after you launched Vivaldi or in the Developer Tools Console?

    Also, what was your macOS system language originally set to and what language did you change it to?


  • Excuse me, Do you tell me to submit a log? Then I need to reproduce the problem. *The problem itself is solved by exchanging profiles. This trouble occurred when I changed the language from Japanese to English during Vivaldi startup.
    In other words, this event is a problem peculiar to me.

    If the problem occurs any more, I'm thinking of going back to ver. 1.10 again. Currently I don't have any merit of 1.13. There is no useful function in 1.13 for me, and 1.13 still heavily works anyway.

    By the way, the screenshot I attached. On the Windows version, it is displayed for about 0.5 seconds and it changes to normal UI. I'm afraid to feel broken momentarily.

  • @izacks said in After changing the language, Vivaldi broke.:

    the screenshot I attached. On the Windows version, it is displayed for about 0.5 seconds and it changes to normal UI.

    That is "only" the new standard splash screen while Vivaldi starts - it is not caused by your problem.


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