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    Hey All,

    This is for MacOS and Linux (still testing). I realise some of the above topics have been dormant for a little while now and some are for Windows however there's so many threads regarding this feature that it's overwhelming trying to find the right ones to include!! Sorry Windows users, If someone can test it out for me in Windows 10 Bash Shell then that would be excellent! I'm sure we could incorporate whatever is needed!

    I just started using Vivaldi and loving it! That said, I was a big user of Chrome profiles and so was struggling without multiple profiles in Vivaldi. I noticed that the feature is planned at some stage but I needed something to tide me over while I wait. This was the only thing holding me back from completely converting from Chrome.

    I saw on here that you can run multiple instances with the --user-data-dir= command. So, I wrote a little command-line utility for easily managing multiple profiles in Vivaldi on MacOS (and should be good on Linux too but needs some testing). I thought others might get some use out of it as well.

    WARNING: This is not recommended and I'm sure would not be supported by Vivaldi. It's only been tested on MacOS and it's early days. So please be aware that it may break at any time or behave in an unexpected manor on your environment. Make sure you BACKUP your profile before you try it! You may use it for whatever you like but do so at your own risk. Released under MIT license.

    Much more detailed information on GitHub...

    Vivaldi Profiles CLI

    You could even use it to sync profiles across multiple devices with a cloud service like Dropbox. Although, I tried it on MacOS and due to the cache and nature of files in the user data directory it had some interesting performance implications. You could also make an alias or shortcut icon to the profiles you use the most.

    I'd love some feedback and for someone to let me know how it works (or doesn't) on Linux. Feel free to register any issues on GitHub and I'll try to attend to them as quickly as is possible. If you want to contribute then please get in touch with me via GitHub.

    Hopefully this makes someone else's life easier. For me it's been almost like having a profile switcher like I had in Chrome!

    Vivaldi Profile Switcher

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