[bug?] Set Vivaldi as default browser

  • Hi!
    I upgraded to 1.13.1008.30 and now Vivaldi keeps telling me on startup that it is not my default browser.

    I expected it not to be asked.
    First, because it did not asked before the upgrade and I don't think I changed anything about that (or anything else, really) after the update.
    Second, because I hit the "set as default" button, but it still asks next time.
    If I set not to check, it does not check. Good enough for me, but the other should work, no?

    Upgraded from 1.11.? from 3 months ago, so I am not sure when something went wrong (if anything)

    1.13.1008.30 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit)
    Linux OpenSuse 42.?

  • Install stable if you don't want to upgrade on a regular basis. No point in using the 1.11 snapshot for months. Better use a stable version that is relatively bug-free.

  • Moderator

    Bug looks like reported VB-34679 "Vivaldi Snapshot keeps asking to be default browser on Linux" which appears on some Linux distrie.

    I got it on 18.2 Mint Cinnamon.

  • @luetage (nevermind)

  • @gwen-dragon Looks like it, yes. I'll hide it, they'll fix it someday. 🙂
    Thank you, very much.

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