X64 Uninstaller is Fake

  • Your TP2 x64 build is not able to be uninstalled from C:\Program Files. An item appears in the Windows program list to uninstall but doing so only removes it from the list and leaves both the files and the registry keys. This is both annoying and quite troubling. You need to fix this immediately. A tech preview shouldn't mean that the uninstaller also isn't guaranteed to work.

  • maybe try running it as administrator(?) - via the uninstaller in the folder.

    or wise uninstaller, revo uninstaller, advanced uninstaller pro.

    i know advanced uninstaller pro has a 64 bit program. it likes to try and sneak in some bundled stuff though. but it also has a registry snap shot feature (before install and after) that rocks when this happens.

    or if you have ccleaner, it has an unistaller in it, so you can run ccleaner as administrator and then uninstall through it. then you can do a registry scan with it.

    i hate when uninstallers don't work. sometimes its best to just use sandboxie to test the program first.

  • Two years later and the problem is still there for both 32bit and 64bit (under Win 7 64bit). Uninstalling either of them leaves behind a perfectly functional Vivaldi.

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