Streams are lagging on twitch with 1.13 ver. of vivaldi

  • Hello, with new version on all streams on twitch have some lags or fps drops always. Reinstalled flash player, but it didnt help. Check it in Microsoft Edge all works fine, but not on vivaldi.

  • Same issue here on Win7 but with HTML5 player (probably only on highest quality 720p and up):

    • always: video freezes or stops completely after re-focusing twitch tab, longer absence - longer stream hangs
    • often: dropping frames every several seconds causing delay in transmission
    • sometimes: falsifying sound

    Reported long time ago as VB-29892 or VB-29841. It was supposed to be ready in 1.13 final but is not.
    Also remaining videos issues on Win7 are VB-33547, VB-34361 (which also crashes Vivaldi UI).

    Also, new problem with Twitch:
    alt text

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    Please i need more information:

    • Windows version
    • GPU/graphics card and CPU
    • URL to check the issue
    • Information if page vivaldi://gpu in section "Graphics Feature Status"

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    @gregor said in Streams are lagging on twitch with 1.13 ver. of vivaldi:

    State of bugs:
    VB-29892 : Fixed
    VB-29841 : In progress
    VB-33547 : is now VB-33733
    VB-34361 : Confirmed

  • @gwen-dragon

    • Win7 Pro SP1
    • GTX 760/i5-4570
    • every twitch stream/video with HQ
    • Graphics Feature Status
      Canvas: Hardware accelerated
      CheckerImaging: Disabled
      Flash: Hardware accelerated
      Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated
      Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Hardware accelerated
      Compositing: Hardware accelerated
      Multiple Raster Threads: Enabled
      Native GpuMemoryBuffers: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled
      Rasterization: Hardware accelerated
      Video Decode: Hardware accelerated
      Video Encode: Hardware accelerated
      WebGL: Hardware accelerated
      WebGL2: Hardware accelerated

    I don't know why VB-29892 is fixed. I checked on older laptop with Win7 and it's the same issue.
    After longer active tab absence, video/audio even stops but still downloading.

    Video hangs/stops completely only after re-focusing twitch tab, after at least several sec of absence, more absence time = longer hang. Dropping frames/hangs only during watching video (active tab) every several seconds.
    Try some stream/video with high bitrate and 1080p like or

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    Has you board a Intel HD GPU? If yes, disable it in BIOS or in Windows Device Manager.

  • Yes it's disabled, try high bitrate videos from my post above.


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