Notes extension with double-click inserts note into field

  • Opera 11.64 is still my main browser, but lately I've been been putting in some time on my secondary browser, Pale Moon. It now has nearly all the features important to me from Opera, except being able to single or double-click on a note and have it inserted into the selected field. From the forum search I did, the only thing I could find was an old post that says, "The feature you are asking for is incomplete, and in process." ( )

    I'd like to know if Vivaldi has this capability natively or with an extension, and which extension if there is one.

  • I finally found a replacement for the old Opera Notes: The obscurely named, Paste Email Plus ( ).

    It is also available for Chrome:

    A link to earlier versions, that might be more compatible with Firefox and other browsers, can be found here:

    I am still very interested in Vivaldi, however, In what ways might it be superior to Pale Moon?

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    You can't use the context menu "Insert Note" in a text field?

  • @gwen-dragon

    I suppose I can presume from your reply that Vivaldi has a notes capability built in. This is what I wanted to know before I loaded it on to my system. If it were just a simple matter of loading it and then uninstalling it, that would be a different. The other day a CCleaner update installed Google Chrome without any notice or choice to opt-out (apparently it's happen to others, too), and even after using Revo it took hours to clean out all the gunk from my registry/drive that Revo didn't catch.

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    @mrcs Yes, Notes is part of Vivaldi. So is advanced tab handling, advanced history data, theming, hierarchical folders in Speed Dial, ability to place most toolbars (including tab bar) where you want, including vertically at the side, or turn toolbars on or off, ability to have just text, just favicons, or both on the bookmarks bar, gestures, customizable keyboard shortcuts, screen grabs (whole page, not just visible portion - or a selected area if you prefer), reader mode, tiling, stacking, true pinning, turn images on or off, etc.

  • @ayespy

    Sounds great. Lastly, does it have per site Site Preferences for iFrames, especially, and Javascript?

  • @mrcs From what I can tell, it has permissions for javascript, but only to the granularity of "disable/enable javascript on site X". There isn't any "execute/block if script is from origin X".
    I have yet to see any iframe permissions.

  • @lonm

    Thanks for your reply.

    The JS control you mentioned is what I was hoping for. Much of problem with iFrames seems to have been ameliorated by only allowing access to content hosted in an iFrame if that content is served from same domain, although I'd still feel better with only having it active when needed. Pale Moon has an extension for global control and I would think there would be one for Chromium based browsers too.

    Looks like Vivaldi may become my main browser. I'm surprised Opera 11.64 lasted as long as it did, but lately TLS 1.3 has been making life more difficult. I hope that Jon stays on the path of having Vivaldi be as customizable as is reasonably possible, and thank you for your time.


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