Huge Amounts of Usage with 1.13.1008.32

  • Just today I've noticed Vivaldi using alarming amounts of resources just doing normal things. In the attached picture, I had 2 windows open, one with 4 tabs and the other with 1 tab playing a YouTube video at 1080p60. I have a decent gaming PC with a 2.5 - 3.5 GHz i7 and a 970, there's no reason this should be happening. Anyone else having any issues?
    screenshot of my task manager:
    alt text

  • Sorry, image didn't post. Here's a link to my Drive

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  • alt text
    Sorry, I'm new to this, lol.

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    Cant see with your Windows Taskmanager screenshot which site is consuming much.

    Please try this:
    In Vivaldi hit Shift+Esc to get the CPU and RAM for the tabs.
    Must be a website which consumes much resources.

  • I'm seeing the same thing, on video playback. I'm on Windows 10 on a Surface pro 4, and I get a very hot CPU quite quickly with V (fan starts to run after a minute or so), but in Edge looking at exactly the same video, the CPU stays cool and the fan never cuts in. Figured I'd check out a few other browsers, and look at the cpu usage and core temperatures. Core Temp 1.11 gives this, all on the same part of the same youtube video:

    • Edge: Core temp 42C, cpu power 2.5-3.5W
    • Firefox Quantum: Core temp 45C, cpu power 5-6 W
    • Vivaldi: Core temp 52C, cpu power 9-10W

    So, V is using three times the CPU Watts that Edge uses and about twice what Firefox uses, on the same video playback, and so not surprisingly ends up triggering the fan pretty readily.

    Interested to hear if there are settings I could mess with. I looked in vivaldi://gpu and saw hardware acceleration "on" against everything.

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