Can't move the browser window since last update

  • I use vivaldi in the lower right corner of my screen, together with an always on top tool. Think of it as a picture in picture mode, but instead of the tv i use it for the browser.

    Since the latest update i can't move the window to the bottom right on the screen, since now you must click on empty space to the right of the current open tabs, meaning that i cannot move the window all the way right like i used to have. This is a very bad decision UI-wise. For example firefox is smart enough to know that if the window isn't maximized, it will leave a section of the top left window free so you can click and drag around.

    Tried finding something in the settings to roll this back. If i cannot get past this i must roll back to the old version.

    Any ideas?

  • good news, turns out the update disabled something called "native window" which effectively killed the top bar of the window. Turned it on, restarted and now it's back to normal.

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    @fjleon That's a bit odd. I drag mine around by the top bar all the time, and never use Native Window (which I kind of really don't like.)

    Have you made any other modifications to your UI through CSS or anything?

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