Vivaldi Crashes when Deleting Bookmark

  • Everytime I try to delete a bookmark (from the bar or panel) vivaldi crashes almost immediately. I've tried updating, uninstalling/reinstalling, also tried removing my Bookmarks file and adding a new blank one, adding a bookmark and trying to delete it with no help. Been using vivaldi for almost a year now and have experienced other bugs and was able to fix them. But I've searched everywhere on google and can't find a solution to this. I've seen a few fixes that have worked for others but hasn't for me. Any help and/or ideas on a workaround greatly appreciated. One thing I've always noticed and never been able to figure out why, but over the past year everytime Vivaldi crashes it throws a 50-90MB crash file to my /var/crash directory, that seems like an extremely large file. If I don't delete it after every crash it grows to sizes in excess of 2GB

    Re: The browser crashes every time I try to delete a bookmark

    I tried changing Top Sites to 770 and 777 with no fix.
    -Screenfetch attached if it may help diagnose a specific distro this is occuring to. Never has happened on my Windows box.

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    Let us check if it is the bookmarks file.

    Move the file ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/Bookmarks to ~
    Start Vivaldi
    If that works, your (previous moved) Bookmarks file is defective.

  • @gwen-dragon
    I had tried that before and it didn't work. But i tried it again and also moved the Bookmarks.bak backup file with it and it fixed it. Thank you so much. Feel dumb for not trying moving both last time >.> Thank you so much~~

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    @xyfierce I hope you were able to keep your bookmarks?

  • I have them in another folder that I'm gonna go thru and just try and scrape the links out of. I definitely have upwards of 50 bookmarks so I'm just thinking of the best way to mass move the hyperlinks from the file. So I do still have them just need to figure out a way to move them. Im sure there is a way to use a wildcard with the find feature inside the text file then piping it into a new document so only the links remain. Just gotta find the right syntax ;)

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    @xyfierce The file is a regular file in JSON data format.

    Use Vim or Gedit (as described in "Formatting JSON and XML in Gedit").

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