Tabs disappeared after the upgrade

  • I had a similar issue. I updated vivaldi-stable from 1.12.? to 1.13 today.

    At first it would not start (throwing a gpu error). I restarted the machine and vivaldi started but without my precious tabs (I was keeping quite a few important ones a part). Furthermore, they disappeared from the "deleted tabs" bin.

    I tried looking for a trace of them in my profile directory under ~/.config/vivaldi/Default, but I can only find references to the new open vivaldi tabs (homepage and the vivaldi community).

    Is there any hope I can recover my tabs? I have a feeling this may have to do with the new tab sidebar.

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    @hideov You probably re-started with a Vivaldi process still running in the background, which can prevent the tabs from being saved.

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    It's possible disable the background process while Vivaldi is still running: chrome://settings/system

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    @lamarca I read this as, not a setting, but a one-off.

    Something went wrong during the update process and Vivaldi "wouldn't start." My guess is it DID start, at least some background processes, and these were still running when the user shut down his machine to re-start. In such a case tabs would not be saved.

  • It makes sense. Should I then abandon hope? I would've thought that tabs were saved on successful process exit, and would otherwise not be touched (say losing tabs opened in the last session that fails to exit, but not those that were already there before the last session started).

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    @ayespy Nice one. That's a valid guess. Closing Vivaldi
    in the early days took a bit time reading and writing the HDD. Now it's gone.

  • If you have loads of tabs open, and you rely on them, and you don't wanna lose them, then it's mandatory to save them as session. Typical hindsight post, but remember for next time.

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    @hideov I fear you should abandon hope. Pending the advent of sync, there is no persistent storage of tabs that is updated on a ongoing basis while the browser is running. With sync, however, they will be updated to a "permanent" data store periodically during routine operations.

  • @luetage I wasn't aware of sessions
    @Ayespy I see

    Thanks all for the help

  • @ayespy I'm now starting Vivaldi using chpst -L ~/.config/vivaldi/lock vivaldi to ensure new process won't start if old one is still running (but not visible for some reason like slow exit). Any chance such locking will be implemented in Vivaldi itself?

  • @luetage Is there auto-save for sessions? I've a lot of windows and tabs open all of time, about half is more or less persistent, but the other half change often. So, loading session manually saved days/weeks ago is better than lose everything but not a good enough solution.

  • @powerman No, there isn't, other than the save that is supposed to be performed when you quit the browser (and have that setting enabled). I think it would be a nice option to have Vivaldi auto-save open tabs as session in a custom time-interval, because, why not?

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