A set of smileys on the Opera forum was perfect. Can we have it back on Vivaldi forum?

  • The set of smileys used on the now-defunct Opera forum was simply perfect - it was complete, there was something for any situation. There were [b]things like rolleyes, big eyes, look right, look left, ninja, magician, cook, beer, zipped lips, whistle, angry, furious, bomb and much more.[/b] The choice of smileys on the current Vivaldi forum is very small and most are only different ways to laugh (BTW: oops and blush look the same). Is there [b]ANY POSSIBILITY[/b] to get back to that smileys? Were they copyrighted and in sole ownership of Opera and they will not allow to use them? Or you could talk to them and they could allow you to use them? You are now competitors, but they are also your old friends and they do not need them anymore, as they turned down the Opera Forums and Community. Please make it happen as smileys help to communicate more clearly on the forums and the current set is almost totally useless... :(

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