customization i want to do

  • i just discovered Vivaldi and it's very similar to my own browser design i did back in 20140_1511492419709_SymetiumOS Desktop UI.jpg

    note the back buttons etc are missing from this picture but you get the idea, can i make Vivaldi like this? no address bar unless you press the title text, i also want the tab icons on the side (i made then icons by shrinking them) to be floating i don't want a big gray background behind them, can i do all these modifications to Vivaldi? i also wish to remove the rewind buttons and the home button, i only want a back button and a refresh button.

  • it is possible, but i guess nobody do that for you, but you can hack around and remove/hide what you don't need

    and to quickly get the "hide everything but webpage" look just press ctrl+f11

  • How is this a browser design? It's just a red bar at top with no UI at all.

  • @luetage It is a very minimalist browser design and it shows that you can use it without all of the optical clutter.

    For all who find this thread: Ctrl+F11 is your friend.

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