When will the Tab Bar also get that nice tree view feature as shown in the Window Panel?

  • It's great to see that Vivaldi can now stack tabs in tree view as shown in the new Windows Panel. But when will the tab bar also get that nice tree view feature?

    1. I like the gray background of the tab bar which helps me focus on the main browser window.

    2. I like my tabs vertically positioned at right because my focus wants to be on the page and for my eyes the main importance on a display is top left or at the left in general (western way of looking at things).

    Please give us real tree view functionality also for the tab bar (with collapsing folders) for vertically aligned tabs - like I had it in Firefox at the time (using a plugin).

  • Moderator

    @mypointofview - As a standard thing, never. As an option, possibly at some point. No timeline.


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