OpenSuse 42.3 Leap - Activities problem after update

  • Hi guys, I upgrade to 1.13.1008.32 (Stable channel) (64-bit), Revision 77adcb151ed0cb55bbef3bdf776c8338b651ebaf- OS Linux running OpenSuse 42.3 Leap. Since there are no more Virtual Desktops available did I configure m system to similar effects for my needs with Activities to switch between different "desktops"
    Until yesterday I run at one of activity Vivaldi browser and it show only at this activity (desktop)
    Since update it shows the browser at ALL activities (desktops)
    Any ideas where/what to set different.
    I no see a reason to dig around in Suse as with other browser/apps/programs I no have this problem

  • I think I found a solution.
    If right-click on button in taskbar and select "move to activity" and check the one where you like (I have mine numbered so #6) it it will show only at that activity (desktop).

  • Also ensure that you have activated V's Native Window setting, otherwise it's quite common in Linux for V to appear in all Virtual Desktops [& possibly also Activities].


    What do you mean by "there are no more Virtual Desktops available"? I have 2 Activities & 9 VDs each. That is enough for me, but if ever it wasn't, i would simply create more. Easy. I'm confused that you had a problem like that.

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