Open new tab in current stack

  • I'm new to Vivaldi, looking for a replacement for Firefox with the tab groups plugin. Vivaldi's stacks would be an acceptable replacement for that combination, but it seems to lack one seemingly simple functionailty: opening new (blank) tabs in the current stack.

    I'm not talking about opening a link in the same stack, but about what happens when you press the new tab button next to my existing stacks. It is possible to do that using the side panel, when right clicking on a stack (or one of it's tabs) and choosing the new tab option there. However, that is the only way I found. If I'm currently on a tab that is located within a tab stack and press CTRL+T to open a new tab, or when I click the new tab button in the tab list, the new tab will not open in the current stack.

    Did I miss something here? Is there no other possibility then using the side panel (which I don't want to keep open all of the time, and which is much harder to use for that purpose than the other options I described)?

  • @causa-prima No, you're not missing anything that I know of. Using the Window Panel is currently the only way to do that.

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