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    Re: Oxford chaps solve problem in 1982 Sinclair Spectrum manual

    I missed this until now... Wow!
    Always knew the Sinclair had potential. I had the Timex version and the choice of the T.O.S. operating system from Zebra(?) which came with 3" (not 3 1/4) disk drives or the Larkin Disk Drive System.
    If I could write working programs on it well it could control the world.
    Starting in Sinclair Basic, I quickly found I needed something that could more programming into the spectrum's limited memory. I found a "C" compiler for it but could never get up the interest to start something with it.
    Then I found Forth. Wrote a co-ordinate geometry program and tried my hand at a few games that did not turn out too well.
    I have only a few Spectrum friends left, this is going back a way, as most have passed but I am sending the link to those who remain.
    Most unfortunate i got rid of all my Spectrum stuff, could never find it again.

    Thanks Doctor!

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    I remember in an issue of Your Sinclair someone demonstrating splitting the speccy RAM into 3 blocks and having a multitasking system.

    I still have most of my old tapes, books and magazines.

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    @dr-flay Sadly had to dispose of all that when we had to downsize.

    The tapes were loaded with my special recorder/playback machine then saved to disk (5 1/4 for posterity). I still had a few mags too.
    Gave what i could to others whom I knew had an interest but the rest went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store as a donation.
    I sincerely hope they were able to sell some of it though I do not know what anyone would think of a 3" floppy disc. ;-))

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    Just occurred to me, when I get round to firing up my old Amiga drives I will find many files for speccy emulators I created years ago.
    Lots of those games with fussy loaders to protect them couldn't be captured

  • I had a T/S 2068 for years; got a AERCO DOS and later upgraded to Larken DOS (as a ROM card that used my AERCO equipment). Wrote a letter to ZXComputing once about writing a recursive user-defined function - something you couldn't do on most other home computer BASICs.

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