The response speed of the browser button is slow

  • I finally updated from Ver.1.10 to 1.13. I still feel the weight of the overall operation.

    Is it related to that? The response of the browser button (except in the HTML page/Web contents) is slow. I need to click the mouse a little longer to switch the tab with mouse click. Close the tab closing button or the upper left window, the maximizing button is more severe. I will not say it until 1 second, but I have to click on it for a long time and the button doesn't work. In other words, if I click the button with the same feeling as other applications, Vivaldi will not respond.
    *The color change when mouse over or mouse click is normal. For example, if it's a tab, I get a light gray color when I cover the mouse, and it becomes dark gray when I click the mouse.

    Vivaldi 1.13.1008.32 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    macOS High sierra 10.13.1

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    @izacks On my system, Vivaldi responds instantaneously... and my Mac is not new. You might be suffering from a corrupted profile.

  • The event to switch tabs triggers on mousedown. Speak: It doesn't matter how long you click the mouse button. There can still be a delay, but it is definitely not correlated to the duration of the click.

  • I still have doubts about the complete migration to 1.13. So I created a new profile and I just imported bookmarks from my old profile.
    After that I deleted all Vivaldi (including the profile), I reinstalled Vivaldi. After all it was the same. I will not delay on the web content section. I react at the same time as click action.

    When I return to ver.1.10 again, I can return to normal operation.


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