Flash control no longer works - always all on or all off.

  • Vivaldi 1.13.1008.32 installed this morning and I am no longer able to control-click or right-click to run Flash content.

    I can either have it automatically run all Flash, or not be able to run any. With Flash set to 'Never Allow Flash' the 'Run This Plugin' option on right-click is greyed out.

    Neither of these are acceptable options. While I don't want most Flash to run, I do sometimes need (or want!) specific Flash objects to work.

  • Set it to ask doesn't work?

  • Is Flash really detected on your Vivaldi? Does vivaldi://flash show that Flash is loaded?

    Newer Chromium-like browser may have to allow flash for a site.

    You can set a exception in website's settings by clicking on the globe/lock in the address field, just change setting for Flash to Allow.

  • @luetage said in Flash control no longer works - always all on or all off.:

    Set it to ask doesn't work?

    There is no 'ask'. The options are:

    Always Allow Flash (all Flash always runs)

    Detect and Allow Important Flash Content Only (the browser decides what's important and that auto-runs)

    Never Allow Flash (Flash doesn't work at all)

    With 1.12, setting Flash to Never Allow Flash showed a box in place of the Flash and I could right-click or control-click and enable that individual Flash object. With 1.13, the option to enable it is greyed out.

    So there is no longer a click-to-play option. At least for me. If it's supposed to work, it's not.

  • There is a Help page in Vivaldi (hit F1, enter Flash in search field on page).
    You will get https://help.vivaldi.com/article/enabling-flash/ which explains how to enable flash.

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