Thanks to Vivaldi, taking a good second look at Opera now

  • Opera has all kinds of neat features now — I didn't care for it years ago, but since the latest Vivaldi "update", I am ready to move on.

    Opera even has a built-in VPN now. Vivaldi, on the other hand, can't even handle fullscreen YouTube videos.

  • ok. bye

  • @kunda311 Yeah, that broke just recently in one of the latest snapshots. But all you gotta do is click on another tab and then back on the one with the video and you are in fullscreen. And Opera's VPN service is a joke. If you need anonymity use Tor browser.

  • @kunda311 Fascinating... you signed up here just to complain twice and say you're leaving. Moreover, in your two posts thus far, there isn't any meaningful description of your problem(s), your OS, your Vivaldi version... anything. You made no requests for problem help, and of course received no answers for those unasked questions. If that's how you approach using constantly evolving software, you are going to have an interesting road ahead of you... including over at Opera. Bye.

  • @Tchelows @Blackbird No reason to be sulky.

    @kunda311 Before you switch to Opera under the impression that it comes with a VPN you should probably know that what Opera has marketed as VPN is in reality merely a http proxy service. Not to say it isn't a handy feature, it just isn't particularly safe or increasing your privacy.


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