Came to Vivaldi looking for a new browser. Ready to move on.

  • I am always extremely wary of updating my software exactly for this reason. Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Vivaldi. By the way, they're not "updates" if they break simple, existing functionality—they're just clueless tinkering.

    The ways in which you guys are breaking your own browser are astounding - they remind me that I live in interesting times, when not even world governments can keep it together. Not even the top corporations can keep from slipping. Why should a hack wannabe startup do better?

    You guys have shown me bugs in your browser that I didn't even know existed, nor have I found on any other browser ever. That's some kind of special achievement.

    If you guys want your little browser and your little community to take off, work on being rock-solid first. Don't offer all kinds of extra fluff if you can't handle the basics well.

  • What bugs are you talking about? Just ranting is stupid.

    But I agree somethings are not stable yet and actually get broken when patched. I just went back from 1.13 to 1.12 because one of my addons (Autoscroll) broke. It let's you scroll with a middle mouse button click and stops when released. In my opinion a broswer should do this out of the box and one should not have to rely on a addon.

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