Install Vivaldi 1.13

  • On my Linux laptop, should I remove V1.12 before installing 1.13?

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    @steveredshaw The usual advice is just install over the top. Works for me, even for Final over Snapshots and vice versa.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • 1.13 Final Build1008.32 (64-bit)

  • Thanks, I have done that and it was fine! Enjoying using Vivaldi - I like the design and the features, very responsive browser.

  • Greetings. What's your distro? Many distros' package management / update managers take care of this themselves, by detecting when V-updates are available, telling you, then once you permit, doing all the dirty work themselves [which basically involves new for old, transparently to you]. So i was a bit surprised that by your question, this apparently did not work automagically for you...?

  • @steffie I am running Ubuntu Studio. Yes it worked just installing 'over the top', but I was just checking because Libre Office, for example, requires a removal of previous version before installing from new .deb files, otherwise you end up with 2 versions of the program.

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