Youtube not working

  • Youtube does not appear to work on all videos. Is anyone else having this problem, reply if possible.

  • Youtube works for me as well.

  • I am having no problems running YouTube on my machine - AMD 4 core with 16GB ram and ATI HD7660.

    I have tried a number of different YouTube files in Vivaldi and compared those same files with Opera 12.xx, IE, FireFox and Chrome - all run the same.

  • Works fine on my site.

  • It seems to me that Youtube freezes after loading a channel or the home page. But videos work perfectly fine for me.

    Edit: My problem actually seems to have been caused by an extension I had installed via the Chrome Web Store. So, ignore me.

  • Be sure to make sure your Flash is installed, up to date, and correctly configured. You can check by pasting vivaldi://plugins into your address bar.

    If you've installed 32-bit Flash, for example, but are running 64-bit Vivaldi (and vice-versa) that may be one problem, for example.

  • Having same problem here, youtube stops loading after ~ half page is loaded. All links become innactive as well.

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