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    Vivaldi 1.13 adds Window Panel, improves Downloads and brings under-the-hood enhancements
    The new version of Vivaldi has arrived, offering a wealth of features for every user. Read on for the details on our latest release!

    Download Vivaldi

    Changelog from 1.12 to 1.13

    New features

    • [New] Protection against accidentally canceled downloads
    • [New] Resume downloads from the previous browser session
    • [New] Show download speed in panel entries (VB-33661)
    • [New] Window Panel (Phase 1) (VB-1788)



    • [Linux] Remove the only non-multiarch dependency from debian packages (VB-10930)
    • [Linux] Selection is pasted in URL field when middle-clicking on Speed Dial (VB-28578)
    • [Mac] External links not opened in active window (VB-32395)


    • [Bookmarks] Bookmark manager loses focus after import (VB-33264)
    • [Bookmarks] Empty bookmark title steals focus (VB-33977)
    • [Bookmarks] No bookmark dialog when the address bar is hidden (VB-7885)
    • [Bookmarks] “Open Bookmarks Panel Items with Single Click” applies both to the panel and the bookmarks page (VB-23125)
    • [Bookmarks][Panels] Order is lost when dragging multiple list items (VB-33018)


    • [Downloads] Allow deletion of paused/interrupted downloads (VB-22780)
    • [Downloads] Delete button is active without selection (VB-32313)
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • [Keyboard shortcuts] Ctrl+B turns on bookmarks in Gmail (VB-10134)
    • [Keyboard shortcuts] Unable to use keyboard shortcuts when focus is in select fields (VB-32701)


    • [Notes] Drag-n-drop from the Address Bar to the Address field in Notes does not work (VB-26065)
    • [Notes] Impossible to create the first note by drag-n-drop (VB-33314)
    • [Notes] Setting a URL for a note vanishes if the note sidebar is minimized without clicking away (VB-33604)


    • [Settings] Add text bubble highlighting input and dropdown lists (VB-30774)
    • [Settings] Every widget reuses section title as tooltip if it doesn’t have one of its own (VB-32402)
    • [Settings] Homepage input field specified folder not found in search (VB-32622)
    • [Settings] Remove invisible clickable areas (VB-33959)
    • [Settings] Settings search is slow (VB-32417)
    • [Settings] Settings search highlight – fixing possible contrast issues for custom Themes (VB-32897)
    • [Settings] Searchable settings section header (VB-32888)
    • [Settings] Startup pages setting overflows (VB-33488)
    • [Settings] Theme names don’t show up in Settings search (VB-32600)
    • [Settings] Wrong width of items (VB-33394)
    • [Settings] [Windows] [Linux] Add option to use Menu icon instead of Vivaldi icon (VB-33663)

    Speed Dials

    • [Speed Dials] Disable thumbnails in the Suggestions bar (VB-33523)
    • [Speed Dials] Speed Dial folder custom images (VB-33094)


    • [Tabs] Right-click on vacant portion of the Tab bar offers failing “Bookmark all” context menu (VB-34262)
    • [Tabs] Audio icon color in pinned tabs (VB-33686)
    • [Tabs] Audio icon is not visible on certain themes (VB-32671)
    • [Tabs] Prevent the tab mute icon from jumping (VB-14586)


    • [Themes] Gracefully handle non-existing theme (VB-33222)
    • [Themes] Theme color editor improvements (VB-25595)
    • [Themes] Theme hex color values not updating (VB-33388)

    Other fixes

    • [Popup] Pop-up windows appearance (VB-32056)
    • [Update notifier] Update notifier shows old available version on hover (VB-32676)
    • [Performance] Tab opening speed improvements (VB-34227)
    • [Search Engines] Replace Yahoo! as default search engine to Bing for all countries where Yahoo! was the default (VB-33639)
    • Bad icon resolution in the pop-up window (VB-32789)
    • Broken layout when navigating up in URL dropdown (VB-34118)
    • Can’t share screen in Google Hangouts (VB-20439)
    • IndexedDB not deleted when browser history is cleared (VB-33046)
    • Load history on demand (VB-33596)
    • Media fixes for High Sierra and Windows 7
    • Reader View settings not cleared (VB-33516)
    • StartPage elements should get their own icon (VB-32858)
    • Updating bundled favicons for search engines (VB-30468)
    • Updated Chromium to 62.0.3202.97
    • Updated translations

  • É, deu uma melhorada MONSTRA em tudo, ó! 😃
    Mas ainda sinto aquela queda de fps quando uma aba com video do youtube fica rodando e eu estou em outra, só que reduziu um pouco.

    Ainda estou vendo se esse embrolho aqui foi resolvido ou pelo menos apaziguado:

    De resto é so melhorando e melhorando!


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