Advantages of Vivaldi?

  • I use Firefox now. What are the reasons I should use Vivaldi?

    And are there videos or anything on how to get the most out of it, and for example use the panel on the left, write motes, etc.?

  • @ernielane It's faster! I've found Vivaldi to do 99% of what I need, and it's definitely faster, even than Firefox Quantum (v. 57) that just came out.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ernielane Welcome to Vivaldi. 🙂

    The reason why we use Vivaldi varies. Everyone has their favorite features and settings. The best way to find out is to download and test things out. That being said, here is a good source for you:


    • Quite fast (it could be slower on older machines)
    • Good compatibility with chr extensions without their ugly UI
    • Moddable interface based on web (js/css/react/html)
    • Some unique features which are still useful

  • ALL-IN-ONE Browser

    If you look closely at other browsers in comparison to this, you'll realize that Vivaldi has the main features that other browsers have separately, and that they're all here together! If you like customization this is your browser, because the color scheme and customization is a luxury and so much that other browsers do not have to install themes! Not to mention that it works with pop-ups more friendly! Check the new update and draw your conclusions! 🙂

  • Moderator

    Built-in Email Client

    Not quite ready yet, but well on the way. Already being tested internally.

    This is the reason why I started using Opera fourteen years ago and still use it. Received mail is shown in its own tab. When a mail arrives, just switch to that tab, deal with it, then continue browsing.

    The main benefit is this Community, where users help each others, and the developers respond to users directly. A small team means slower development, but it is much more personal.

  • Sensible Browser
    It's sensible because of its focus on user customization. Every user has somewhat different ways to best do things, and Vivaldi has consistently focused on going the extra mile to make the browser user-configurable in a myriad of ways. That attention to flexibility and detail allows a user to set up and use the browser in ways that make good sense to them for how they do things.


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