Fullscreen bug?

  • Hi there!

    First, thanks for the awesome work on Vivaldi!

    Vivaldi version 1.13.1008.30
    Mac version macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Since last update, I encounter a weird bug on fullscreen behaviour on Mac.
    The use case is: play a video on Youtube for instance and click the fullscreen button. The browser goes fullscreen but the browser UI is still there (tabs, address bar and webpanel bar). Before this update, the video fullscreen was a full fullscreen.
    Is it an intended behaviour?

    In my opinion, there may be two fullscreen behaviours:

    • one for HTML video, which hides the whole browser UI
    • one for the browser window, which keeps the UI but displays the browser fullscreen.


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  • This also happens on 10.11.6.

    However I found a way to bypass the bug. Pause the Video, then go fullscreen and then hit play.

  • Unfortunately, that does not work for me :(

  • I can confirm the same thing on macOS 10.13.1 and Vivaldi v. 1.13.1008.32.

    I can also confirm the workaround from Gixxa - if I pause the video and go fullscreen the video is displayed correctly.

  • I experience this same problem, it's very annoying!! please fix it!

  • I have the same problem too. Please fix it soon!

  • Same here... No way this is a intended behaviour. I just filed a bug report (VB-34949) Hope this will be fixed with next snapshot already :)

  • Moderator

    FYI, I think that this has now been fixed internally.

  • I have this bug as well, but I found a workaround. Simply switch tabs back and forth while in "fullscreen" mode, when switching back to the video it goes full fullscreen. A fix would be nice though...

    EDIT: I found that putting the browser in full screen (green button on the top left) prior to setting the video to full screen also works.

  • Sadly the workaround with pausing doesn't work anymore, no idea why as there was no update in the mean time. However the other trick with changing tabs for now.

  • @nelov said in Fullscreen bug?:

    Sadly the workaround with pausing doesn't work anymore, no idea why as there was no update in the mean time. However the other trick with changing tabs for now.

    Same happened to me. iMac with 10.11.6 and Vivaldi 1.13.1008.30. I was at Amazon watching Prime movies. The first movie worked fine but when I started the second movie and punched full screen things got scrambled and when I exited the movie the Amazon page was shrunken and chaotic. I hit the back arrow twice and got a page where I could access logout. So I'm stuck with Firefox 56 for watching Amazon movies. Safari 11.0.2 is not accepted at Amazon.

  • Hi!

    I just downloaded Vivaldi today, so it's the last version (Mac, Vivaldi 1.13.1008.34), and I have the same problem. It's not fixed.

    Thank you for fixing it soon!

  • Moderator

    @yasito An initial fix was included in last week's Vivaldi 1.14 snapshot but it's not quite totally fixed yet. Hopefully very soon though.

  • Also having this problem. A workaround that works for me is first using the macOS fullscreen mode (ctrl+cmd+f) and then fullscreen the video.

  • I'm also encountering this on MacOS 10.11.6 with the latest Vivaldi update 1.13.1008.40

    i.e. no true (chromeless) fullscreen in web games or video or when using F11 or the green fullscreen MacOS button on the window.

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