Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Allow us to change where the divider is between tiled tabs

    AKA resize tiles

    Example of resized tiles

  • Allow us to tile tabs one at a time

    Tile tabs should not be hidden in the right click menu behind the requirement for multiple tabs Ctrl+Clicked or Shift+Clicked.

    If you do not have multiple tabs selected, the second tab will either be the active tab (if you right clicked on a background tab) or it would be the tab that would have been activated had you closed the active tab (if you right clicked on the active tab).

    For tiling more tabs than what you started with, behavior should be that it treats the active tile as a single window. The inactive tiles do not move, and only the active tile is further split by wanting to tile further.

    Example of tiled tabs menu done right

  • Allow tiling to persist even if active tab changes

    If I currently have Tile 2 active and I click the new tab button, then render the New Tab Page in tile 2. Leave Tile 1 where it is.

    Use case? Easy. You want to put a video up on the side and continue using the browser like normal. For this purpose, you are required to move the video to a new window and manually set it on the side.

    Example of tiling persisting with new tab

  • Allow us to untile tabs individually

    Going alongside tiling one at a time, if we tile 3 tabs but then want to untile 1. Current state is having to untile everything, then recreate your tiles with the one tab less.

  • Allow us to assign a single gesture command to multiple gestures

    Example would be making a right click drag left equivalent to a right click drag right.

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  • @pesala

    How is this for idea 3? Edit: You scratched out idea 3; your current response 3 is also a cumbersome working around for closing tabs and not at all intuitive. So that idea is still valid.

    Changing to a different tab while tiled should swap out the currently active tiled tab with the newly activated tab

    I have Tab 1, 2 and 3.

    I have tiled Tab 1 and tiled Tab 2.

    Now if I have Tab 2 active and I click Tab 3 it should replace tiled Tab 2. That is, I should see Tab 1 and Tab 3 together.

    If I have Tab 3 active and click New TAB (not new window), then the New Tab window should be displayed in that tile.

    Running on battery power so can't record current behavior, but it is not as you describe.

  • Allow us to remove certain items from context menu

    (My use case would be to get rid of the "Open link in new tab" because I only ever want it to open in a background tab, which is a separate item in the context menu.)

  • Force the close tab button on mouseover to persist no matter what the tab width is.

    Middle click to close does not work if you are on a laptop.

  • When opening a new window, it should match the current size of the current window

    If I have my current Vivaldi window maximized, the new Vivaldi window should also start out in a maximized state.

  • Allow us to title tabs vertically from the context menu

    Split the "Tile n Tabs" context menu when multiple tabs are selected into "Tile n Tabs Horizontally" and "Tile n Tabs Vertically"

  • make the address bar can automatically be hiden.
    ie the bar underneath the tab bar can be automatically be hiden.

  • Option to define auto-save rules for downloads from particular URLs to different local folders.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Syncing Everything: In addition to syncing passwords, bookmarks, speed dials, etc. Being able to sync all the custom thumbnails for the speed dials, custom themes, and the start page wallpapers would be extremely helpful.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Directly putting speed dial favorites in folders, if possible (:

  • The ability to click on "file/share"

    There's one major feature missing that EVERY browser (EVERY browser) has that Vivaldi doesn't.

    There's no easy way to send a website to someone with Vivaldi unless you copy and paste the link. You should be able to click on "share" and have it automatically bring up an email. If someone else has already requested this, I didn't see it but there way too many posts to look through to find it. Looks like people are inundated Vivaldi with feature requests.


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