Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • (Windows) Store persistent user profile in a persisting location.
    %LocalAppData% is not roamed and every time a user logs into a new station, his/her profile is lost.

  • Ambassador

    Speed Dial Navigation with Keyboard Cursor Keys

    After giving focus to the speed dials with F9 or Escape to return from the URL field, or by changing the setting in Tab Handling, one can navigate only with Tab or Shift+Tab.

  • Moderator

    Focus Panel on Notification
    If a closed but active web panel sends a Web Notification, and I click on that notification, open and focus this panel, and then bubble any events.

    Use Case Example: I have TweetDeck in a web panel. It is minimised. I get a notification. TweetDeck fires a Web Notification. Vivaldi displays this. I click it. TweetDeck focuses the referenced tweet. But Vivaldi does not open the panel, so I can't see the referenced tweet until I open the panel myself.

  • Multiple search engine shortcuts at the same time

    It would be wonderful if more than one search engine shortcut could be used at the same time. For example:

    If you have set "gr" as a shortcut for GoodReads and "am" for Amazon, then a search for "gr,am Book Title" would perform a search for Book Title on GoodReads and on Amazon with the results in two tabs.

    The example uses two search engines but it is not unusual for me to perform the same search on three or more sites. You could call the feature 'Power Search'. 😀

  • Enable search engine shortcuts in the search bar

    It would be useful if the search engine shortcut keys could be used in the search bar as well as in the address bar.

  • Prompt to save passwords on insecure sites too (Firefox does it). In development environments we use self-signed certificates on servers, so it is a pain in the a** to always have to retype user and password on that sites.

  • Vivaldi future feature request - bash terminal pane.

    Here is a suggestion that will provide a huge geek factor for the Vivaldi browser. It would be extremely useful to be able to have a bash terminal pane, as in Konqueror. Now that Windows supports bash, the feature could be implemented across all of the platforms that Vivaldi supports.

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