Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

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    Hide Selective extension button
    As in Firefox and Chromium a button to be able to hide only the buttons of the extensions you want.
    With the current one or you can see or hide them all.

    0_1514647663486_Immagine 001.png

  • Make mouse gestures work on error pages (i.e. "This site can't be reached") and on Vivaldi's preferences page.

    Currently, this pulls up a right-click menu, at least on the Mac version of Vivaldi.

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    Open frame context menu option
    I believe there used to be such an option, to right click on an iframe and open it in a new tab. (or background tab, or window, or whatever). But it was removed, and now I have to open the dev tools, select the appropriate element and open the referenced URL there. A context menu option, next to the "View frame source", would be much better.

  • Option to assign a keyboard shortcut key to “Search for” command (found when highlighting text and pressing mouse right button).

  • Open URL/page with an external program
    An option in the Vivaldi menu (or in the contextual menu of a link) to open the URL with an external software. Like a media player, GIMP, Steam or another browser for example, or any software that can open URL.

  • Make Gesture "Open Link In New Tab (Over a Link)" work when the initial right click is not on a link and make it so multiple links can be opened

    This would be replicating the behavior of a Firefox (no Chromium port that I am aware of) addon called Snap Links Plus.

    For this gesture, you should make it so you are drawing a box to capture all links and don't have to actually mouse over each individual link.

  • SLP goes further and allows you to Save any number of images with a right click drag, which should be added as a gesture option.

    For this gesture, you should make it so you are drawing a box to capture all links and don't have to actually mouse over each individual link.

  • Ability to open a page in other installed browsers.

    Because different security/proxy/cookies.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

    Often I use F3 to continue searching a text in the page. And very often when I navigate to other page and use this command I notice that the search field's value was changed.
    This short video shows a similar example:

    Ability to automatically put the selected text to the search field via Ctrl + F is very useful, but not for commands "Find Next" and "Find Previous" (F3, Shift + F3 etc), because if I occasionally selected a text, pressing F3 will change the search field value.

    My suggestion:
    Make this feature optional for commands Find Next and Find Previous.

    I would like to continue using it with Ctrl + F but disable for F3.

  • option to always show name of current session in menu bar (or other visible place)

  • Stacked tabs should cycle in visual order when using ctrl+tab, as detailed here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15429/tab-cycling-and-tab-opening-issues-while-using-tab-stacks

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    Show Keyboard Shortcuts in context menus
    The context menus show the keyboard shortcuts used by chrome, but not those set by vivaldi. E.g. right clicking a tab shows the "pin tab" command, but does not display a keyboard shortcut if one is set. Right now only the keyboard cheat sheet shows this info.

  • Lose search engine tracking prefix from followed URLs
    Search engines are very useful. But some insist on tracking what you follow on to by use of a prefix that can be readily removed to avoid their tracking.

  • Import Search Engines.

    An option to import search engines from other browsers - right now just available for FireFox -.

  • In the bookmark dropdown menu in the address bar it is difficult to distinguish between root folder, sub folders and single bookmarks when selecting a destination for a bookmark. It is much better in the bookmark panel. I know there are indentations as as you go deeper into a folder but it can be quite confusing. You have to move around to see if you are in a root folder or a sub folder. Improve the ability to distinguish folders and sub folders in the address bar bookmark dropdown. Use folder icons like in the bookmark panel or even use different coloured icons for main and sub folders.

  • "True portable" installation option created by combining standalone and sync features

    An additional option next to normal and standalone which will install to a user-specified location (e.g. USB) but will fetch synchronised user data. It will:

    1. run from the standalone location
    2. use a temp location on the machine's hard disk for user files (so it can run faster and delete the user data on shutdown)
    3. requests the username and password at startup to sync all user data

    This way, only the program will be stored in the standalone location (much smaller file size, better privacy) and you should get a similar experience on every machine you run it on.

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    Grey path after Short Address
    The security feature of shortening the address in the address bar is to make it easier to see the domain you're currently visiting.
    Other browsers do this by greying out the protocol, port and path. Vivaldi takes extended measures, similar to classic opera (hide protocol and query string), but is missing the greying out of the path.

  • option for moving extensions buttons to sidebar and appropriate popup forms position

  • Disable Middle Mouse Button "Click" action (event), except the links.
    In Firefox, if you MMB on page space (except link), mouse selection will not reset, and MMB on scrollbar will not ridiculously jump-scroll the page - just turn on autoscroll.
    Same behaviour will be good for Vivaldi.

  • Extensions right click drop down option - Refresh

    • to refresh/reload the extension if it freezes which some do since they are carried over from Chrome.


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