Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • An overflow menu for the extension buttons.

    From: 0_1513301048337_Snipaste_2017-12-15_02-23-49.png

    To: 0_1513301531088_Snipaste_2017-12-15_02-23-49.png

  • reduce the space between extension's icons

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  • Сhangeable icons (by user) for side menu. Now users can add web panels manually, but icons are the same for different pages. There would be cool feature to manually change these icons.

  • Fullscreen toggle for a single tile in a tiled view
    Have an option to toggle a single tile in a tiled layout fullsize and back to the tiled view while preserving the tiled layout (i.e. a temporary untiled view of a single tile).

  • There is a demand!
    I want Vivaldi's release channel edition to be increased.
    Level 0
    Business & Enterprise Users ⇒ Red and white striped Vivaldi icon design
    Level 1
    General standard user ⇒ Red Vivaldi icon design
    Level 2
    I am a low grade gamma tester ⇒ Vivaldi icon design of black and red stripes
    Level 3
    You are a platinum team's intermediate beta tester ⇒ Black Vivaldi icon design
    Level 4
    You are a global Moderator & translator senior alpha user ⇒ Green and black striped Vivaldi icon design
    Level 5
    Vivaldi team's research developers ⇒ Green Vivaldi icon

    This is the request I am hoping for!

  • a feature which takes a recurring screenshot of a website page on a scheduled basis and saves it as a pic in a folder. For example, I have a portfolio page where the investments change daily and I would like to have a daily or twice daily screenshot to track progress on the portfolio. I use your screenshot tool every day multiple times a day and this feature would be greatly appreciated as it is not readily available anywhere else.

    Thank you.

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    htaccess login popup only in needed tab

    If i open background tabs with pages that have an htaccess login, it shows the login popup immediately (in front of the current website). I would like to have it only if i view that 'background' tab.

  • add

    "export/back up setting and password option "

    like ' FEBE' addon in fire fox

  • when open new tab;address bar automatically be activated and ready to type

  • for persian and arabic ;text of tab title sort from rigth to left

  • show number of open tab
    show how many tab are open

  • save to read later tab

    save tab name and address ;like quick bookmark ;to read them latter .
    something like 'save to read' add on in firfox

  • It would be nice to add ability to show tabs and address bar in fullscreen mode just by hovering mouse over the top part of screen, so it will be easier to navigate between tabs using only your mouse.

  • Turbo/Data Saver/ Data Compressor

    To make browsing faster and saving your internet data more.

  • 0_1513437778441_Capturar.JPG

    add a delete like button to erase previous entered entries on textboxes* easily, rather than shift+delete
    [modedit] *input field in forms

  • Sync only specified bookmark folders

    All or nothing is no viable option for syncing e.g. between corporate and private computers.

  • Sync only specified notes folders

    All or nothing is no viable option for syncing e.g. between corporate and private computers.

  • Split sync in upsync and downsync

    Sometimes it is not feasible to upload stuff to sync but only to download it.

  • Add sync on demand

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