Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Multiple Instances of Vivaldi

    It would be incredibly helpful if you could have multiple "instances" the same way that Chrome, Comodo and Brave have. This would make it easier to manage multiple accounts as their data would all be separate.

  • Backspace Shouldn't Go Back in History!

    This feature's been around since like stone age, I believe it's time to bury it for the "greater good"

    I try to delete something on the website, press it but oops I'm back in the history and everything I've written is gone
    I personally have never benefited this option in my life! Honestly speaking not even once!... Anyone did? idk For me even then I used Alt+leftarrow(s) to go back and forward.
    There are so many better ways to go back with Vivaldi( and on mouses as hardware also).

  • Multiple rows of tabs in the tab bar (multi-row tabs)

    This is really essential to me. Research often results in large numbers of tabs temporarily, and a single row just doesn't cut it.

    Draw some inspiration from the Firefox extension Tab Mix Plus. Indeed, multi-row tabs are one of the most missed features now that Tab Mix Plus is no longer usable in Firefox Quantum. It was also supported in Opera 12 if I recall correctly.
    Please give alienated Firefox users a new option!

    Also, the size of tabs should be configurable (min/max tab size, sized according to caption).

  • An integration to communicate with other apps on my phone.

    I am using CRM and project app on my phone.. Also on my laptop through browser and/or local installs.
    What if I could bind them together? Create cards at Trello. IFTTT automations, Asana, Nextcloud, Slack, Workflow... or Zoho, even Pivotal Tracker...

    Anything could be possible with such inter-connectivity

  • Button to hide tabs.
    My tabs are on the right side which is fine for most of my work - but occasionally it would be nice to be able to toggle them on/off like the left panel has the ability to do. I know I can make a keyboard shortcut for it, and going full screen mode will do this, but most times my window layout is tiled which does not work well for full screen mode, and a button would be nice.,

    Thanks for a great browser, you rock

  • More columns for Speed Dial ( I can have only 4 even if I set 6)

  • Please, add ability to resize tiled tabs. I use it a lot and after every update I have to update mod that does it, it also sometimes just breaks and it's annoying.

  • Ability to pan large images with left (preferably) mouse button. Unless I am missing something obvious (which happens fairly often), when I click on an image (larger than the screen area) to pan it, it gives me the circle with a slash to tell me I can't. In old Opera I could do this with the left mouse button, not the wheel button as in some Windows programs. It seems currently I can only zoom in and out with the left button.

  • I would like an option (in settings menu) to pause videos in tab that are muted.

    It should be relatively easy to implement, since most of the media on the web is now played through the HTML5 player.
    To clarify:

    • Enable "Pause media in muted tabs" checkbox somewhere in settings menu.
    • All media (videos, music and stuff) played from HTML5 player would receive "pause" signal and stop playing.

  • A build in quickdrag function like the firefox quickdrag-WE

    This add-on is working absolutly smooth!!

    Thank you!

    Greetings from Germany

  • Watch Videos while downloading , like IDM , UC Browser Mobile , Opera Mini Mobile

  • *Viryu 7 months ago
    Viryu 2 years ago
    I'd like to repeat my request for a quick bookmarks menu somewhere on the sides of the address bar, instead of having to have a third bar active. Opera 12 had something like that after clicking on the address bar, while browsers like Maxthon or Firefox have buttons next to the address field. It's the only thing stopping me from switching, since quick bookmarks browsing is a must.

    My old request post from 2 years ago. I'd like to refresh my request.*

    I'd like to rerequest this XD

  • Do an automatic tab stack with the domain of the websites and the Ctrl and Alt keys
    When you clic on an tab and clic on Ctrl and Alt, regroup all the websites with the domain of the cliqued tab in a tab stack.

    (Sorry for my english, I am French đŸ˜‰ )

  • automatically add date and hour to the saved picture name
    i want when i take a picture by vivaldi.
    thank you.

  • an ability to drag my bookmark in toolbar

    alt text

    seriously this thing is really annoying.

  • Moderator

    add a context option "open in new private tab"

  • An overflow menu for the extension buttons.

    From: 0_1513301048337_Snipaste_2017-12-15_02-23-49.png

    To: 0_1513301531088_Snipaste_2017-12-15_02-23-49.png

  • reduce the space between extension's icons

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  • Đ¡hangeable icons (by user) for side menu. Now users can add web panels manually, but icons are the same for different pages. There would be cool feature to manually change these icons.

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