Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Allow mouse gestures to time out after a period of not moving the mouse - I put this one in the 1.13 thread as well, hope I'm not breaking the rules by reposting it here.

    It would be useful to have the mouse gestures time out after a (configurable) interval if you leave the mouse still while holding the button. This would enable cancelling an already drawn mouse gesture (e.g. if you realise too late that you didn't want to close the tab) without having to draw random squiggles to get an invalid pattern.

  • In Mac Safari when you go into fullscreen with a video it creates an almost new window. And Hibernates almost the Fullscreen video actual page in the Safari, allows you to use the browser while fullscreen.![alt text](1_1511812602549_Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 1.56.07 PM.png 0_1511812602548_Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 1.56.03 PM.png image url)

    Maybe do this for Apple users?

  • Capture feature to allow reszing and have capture button in sidebar


  • Show Search engine icons in "Search with..." context menu

  • Show selected Search engine icon in the Search field.

  • I'd like all the issues with mmb sorted out

    An RSS feedsidebar like firefox awesome SageRss/SageRss++ either one.. and make it work the same way...just the sidebar.. with tooltip hover over feeds for short descriptions.. never ever did bother opening the rendered rss feed in the browser.. but went straight to the direct feed links.



    ..would be nice for quicker cookie whitelisting per site directly on the bottom status bar.

  • Right click > Search with > History search

    To search into the History from any page selection.

  • Right click > Search with > Find in Page

    To select and search on the page right with mouse/touchpad.

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  • Middle click "search with" search engine opens search in background tab

  • Allow keyboard navigation in download dialog and other prompts

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  • smarter address bar input

    when writing in it, only complete one level instead of using the latest entry if it doesn't exist in address history, so for example writing "forum.vi" would only give forum.vivaldi.net/ then typing "to" adds topic/ without the number and thread name after it until you start writing it.

  • Do not resize tabs while closing tabs with middle click
    alt text
    Firefox - better
    alt text
    I know it's doubled with https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/175993 but maybe you could add my title and gifs in that one?

  • Add delete button in selected formula item
    alt text

  • Fit Page Width
    Option to force a page to display within the maximum width of the browser window (useful if there are many tabs tiled). Could be either with a hacky css like *{ max-width: 100vw !important; overflow-x: hidden !important}, or a function to automatically zoom out the page until there is no more x-overflow.

  • Tab bar in the bookmark bar below

  • Handling of tab stacks has improved (thank you!) by rename, Window Panel (sidebar) and save (stack complete) to Bookmarks. When saving whole stack to Bookmarks, can the stack name be retained, please? Currently all called "Stack".

    It would be very good if named stacks could simply be removed from the tab bar (de-clutter, survive exit and restart) and later reinstated, rather like Firefox tab groups. It's possible, but not very elegant, to do this via bookmarks at present. Maybe a separate "Stacks" area for names stacks in the Window panel / sidebar?
    Another possibility - ability to Pin the whole stack to one mini tab?
    Yours Hopefully!

  • Quick Search Bar.
    Sometime in the universe this addon existed on firefox.
    What it doing:
    Search buttons appear in one line in searchbar, and some of them in drop-down list.
    Left-click on button with search engine - opens searchfield for the text input with this search engine.
    Drag-n-drop text from page to any button - same.
    Middle-click on button - Paste and Search in selected engine.
    Of course you can sort engines, assign the number of displayed and going in to the drop-down list.
    Searchfield remains open, if the text is in it. And it can auto-erase after user defined time.

    Firefox Quick Search Bar addon:

    Some of this functionality, or even all, can be realized only in vivaldi.

  • Show URL on the thumbnails: it's easier to identify the pages.

    Funny, but I can read a short message faster than recognize the image and check if this is what I looking for.

    Of course, I mean the domain, not the whole path. Using the accent color makes it more usefull, because the user associates it with the page.

    alt text


    Add settings for:

  • Option to do not hibernate web panels

    It would be useful to put YouTube or Gmail in to web panels and keep listening to music after closing the sidebar.


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