Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Possiblity to enable storing an offline copy of saved Bookmarks

  • Native OS desktop notifications

    HTML5 desktop notifications are currently displayed with a small pop-up generated by the browser.
    Windows and LInux provide functionalities to do it in an OS native and more "visually" coherent way.

  • Speed Dial Folders

    It turns out that the speed dial is very practical. Sometimes, however, one wishes to open a few tabs at once. For instance, when I'm translating something I have to open at least two or three pages with online dictionaries, as none of them is truly perfect.
    Therefore, by grabbing one icon and dropping it in the dead center of another icon, Vivaldi should create a folder with the two of them. By dropping others onto this folder, one should be able to populate it. By clicking on such a folder icon, Vivaldi should open them in tabs, of course. This would make the speed dial even more practical.

  • Alt+drag to duplicate tabs (like in Firefox)

  • User settings for mass installation

    User settings in directory are also usefull, when you are installing company computers, so you can set up browser once and have this settings on 100 computers.

  • Option to omit the crdownload extension for certain file types.

    This would make sense for files which can be opened even when they are not yet complete (e.g. movie, music file).

  • Update of Session saving:
    Ask for overwriting existing sessions instead of creating a new

  • Redo shortcut RMB+MW to get rid of the weird behaviour.

  • Overhaul of all dialogues to be more efficient with the keyboard. Example:
    Saving dialog:
    ALT+S = save
    ALT+H = save as
    ALT+C = cancel

  • Full download window

    like in Opera.

  • Simultaneous scroll for tilled pages, with ON/OFF function.
    Would be great to have a scroll feature that applies to all tilled pages. Great for doing page compares.

  • maintain independent private sessions

    so that would be possible:

    • Have a "normal" window maintained with everyday used tabs which are "harmless"
    • I can open a private window and log in to some social site, such as Facebook
    • Open a new private session where the social site doesn't see my session (Facebook) neither my cookies would be saved after I close the window.. so that I would be able to browse some ebay/amazon thing without infecting my browser with a lot of tracking cookie.

    The first two point is already there and works fine. The request is in the third point.

  • Bigger tab previews


    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Vivaldi Stable ยท Snapshot

    Vivaldi Reset and Back up

  • Fix switching tabs by right_mouse_button+mouse_scroll

    When "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" (which switches tabs when you hover over tab bar and use mouse scroll) is disabled, switching tabs by RMB+scroll switches off as well. Which is weird because it is a totally different feature.
    (I would also argue that switching tabs by RMB+scroll should not be disableable at all, as it does not clash with any other functionality and impossible to invoke unintentionally; but would leave this to the developers' discretion, of course).

  • Regexp support for "Find in Page"

    Wouldn't that be awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bookmarklet bar
    It would be great to have a customizable mini-bookmark bar with a default position next to the extension buttons. This way, one could use a few bookmarklets just by clicking them, without having to enable the full bookmark bar or the bookmark panel or the F2 and shortcut method.

  • Custom Buttons
    Old Opera had the possibility to add "custom buttons" that could be used for nearly anything that the browser could do. There were websites that helped you build a custom button. The buttons could then be placed in any toolbar.
    One way I used this was to pass on the current URL to another program (e.g. to open the page in Firefox). It would be cool if this feature could be replicated.

  • regular expression find

  • Perhaps a built in Page Translation? Similar to Google Chrome's built in page Translation.

  • Note Word Count Summary
    Offer details such as word count, line count, character count


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