Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Moderator

    More Space Above Tabs if not Maximized

    Option as in Opera 12.18 for setting the Chrome Area

  • Make zooming of web pages and stand-alone images smoother and more responsive.

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    Move Hide/Show Panel Button to Right If Panels are on the right

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    Open Session Dialogue Should Remember Checkbox State

    I prefer to open a session in the current window, so I have to clear the checkbox every time.

    0_1506024206733_Open Session Dialogue.png

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    Paste and Go with Middle-Click on Tab Bar

    In Opera 12.17 this setting is called

    PageBar Open URL On MiddleClick

  • Moderator

    Command for Play Animations

    There is already a command for Load Images

    Please add a similar command for Play Animations to toggle animation between Loop and Never

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    Optional Program Sounds

    As in Opera 12.17, select WAV files to give audible feedback.

    0_1506071615529_Program Sounds.png

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    Enable Show Toolbar Shortcuts for Fullscreen

    Currently, if you press the shortcut to show/hide address bar, status bar, bookmark bar in fullscreen mode they do nothing, but the affect is seen on exiting fullscreen. This is a bug (which I think I reported), but it would be better to show the toolbars (and Panels) in fullscreen mode.

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    Sort Commands for Mouse Gestures Alphabetically

    0_1506024755605_Commands for Mouse Gestures.png
    Currently, it is hard to find commands or even to know if they are available. Opera 12.17 has a Quick Find feature that makes it even easier, but sorting them would help.

  • My idea is sessions management in windows panel I use sessions very often but doing it from menu it's not very comfortable.

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    Remove Triangle Icons from Bookmarks Panel

    0_1511372932339_Triangle Icons.png
    These are superfluous. The Open/Closed folder icon could do the same job while being a bigger target.

    To rename a folder or bookmark, click on the Title, or right-click, rename.

    Eight users did not understand the feature request.


    1. Single-click on the folder icon expands and collapses the tree
    2. Single-click on the selected folder title edits the title
    3. Double-click on the title edits the title.
    4. Single-click on the folder icon could still expand and collapse the tree

  • Adjustable middle-click scroll speed

    alt text Currently there's no control over speed and minimal is to fast for reading.

  • Mouse shortcut options for COPY / PASTE !
    (currently there is only an option for "paste as plain text", and I can't even get it to work)

    Be the first browser to integrate dictation! (windows native dictation is awful)
    Adding browser voice control (like close/open tab, or "go to gmail") would be even sweeter.
    This would really put Vivaldi on the map!

  • Option to select external editor instead of internal source code viewer for control-U, as in Opera 12 and Firefox.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Having the option to select "Last Session and Homepage" in startup would be great.
    Not just either last session "or" homepage. Having both would save a lot of grief. Especially
    if doing computer maintenance pinned tabs are accidentally cleared.

    I'll keep requesting this till I'm blue in the face.

  • Pull site permissions into Vivaldi's settings under privacy
    Right now we have to go to vivaldi://settings/content which is accessible from the address bar popup, but settings like this should be within Vivaldi's settings, instead of the built in Chromium tabs.

    Most users won't realize there's a place where they can see all site permissions in one place, but within Settings it will be easily discoverable.

  • Native blocking of trackers and cryptomining scripts
    Ghostery is a good extension but it requires trusting the sharing of site data with the extension. It is now built into Cliqz - owned by Mozilla.

    That said, I think Vivaldi should protect users by default in these instances. Users will probably trust Vivaldi over an extension as well.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    User-friendly view for JSON
    like Firefox.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Allow switching between tabs when "Authentication Required" form appears.

    Currently, if this form appears (see image) the user is unable to switch to another tab. Sometimes I need to copy some username or password from another page and this makes it impossible.



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