How do I signin so that my Google Keep extension will work in Vivaldi?

  • I just added the Google Keep extension from the Chrome Web Store to my Vivaldi browser. When I tried to save an article to Keep I got a message that said "You must signin to use the Google Keep Chrome Extension". Under the message was a "SIGN IN" button. When I clicked on the button, to sign in, the following address popped up in the address bar:
    "vivaldi://chrome-signin/?access_point=6&reason=0" - but nothing further happened. I tried "Enter" on my keyboard. Nothing happened.

    What is it that I am supposed to sign into - Vivaldi or Google? (I am already signed into both browsers on my computer.) Why doesn't the address bar link take me to wherever it is that I am supposed to sign in?

    In short, how do I get the Google Keep extension to work in Vivaldi?


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    @phil048 It's not possible to sign in to Google services (as though you were Chrome) in Vivaldi. Hence, I'm not sure Google Keep can work.

    You also can't sign in to Vivaldi. There's nothing to sign in to until Sync is finished (not too long now). keep&in=titles&sortBy=relevance&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts


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