Silly workflow to name a new bookmarks folder.

  • When I right click the left bookmarks pane to create a new folder, the cursor fails to activate to let me enter a name. I have to use the bottom panel to name the folder, manually. Can't it just act normally?

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    @nikwillmore If you left-click, pause, left-click again, you can type your new name. Then press "enter" to save it. If you right-click, you get a context menu that includes "rename." Select that and type your new name, then "enter" to save.

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    @nikwillmore Agreed. It should behave the same as it does on the Bookmarks Bar.

    0_1511326311560_New Folder.png

    Since the default title "New Folder" is already selected it is easy to just type to rename it to whatever you want.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread.

  • To me it looks like the "title" field in the bottom pane is immediately activated if I hit the "New folder" button, so I can just type away and hit Enter when I am done.

    If I want to rename it later I save myself the hassle of "click, wait, click" and just press F2 on the highlighted folder or bookmark.

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