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  • Hi,
    a friend of mine has asked me if there is eventually a possibility to download/print a table of all available shortcuts in the browser. Is anything possible in this manner?

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    @thelongman I'm not sure if you can print on off, but for the meantime you can use the keyboard cheat sheet. I believe by default it is bound to Shift+F1.
    Alternatively, you can use F2 quick commands and search for cheat sheet.
    Printing one off would constitute a new feature request, I think.

  • Just curious, why printing when you can actually search them inside the program itself?

  • The Help File is not comprehensive. Not all available commands are assigned and only assigned commands show up in the cheat sheet.

    If you wanted a full list, you would have to reset the default in Settings Keyboard, then print out several pages of screen shots.

    I find it much easier to remember shortcuts if I assigned them myself according to my personal needs, e.g.

    1. Web Panel 3 (Google Translate)
    2. Bookmarks Panel
    3. Mail Panel (reserved)
    4. Contacts Panel (reserved)
    5. Notes Panel
    6. Downloads Panel
    7. History Panel
    8. Window Panel
    9. Web Panel 1 (Gmail)
    10. Web Panel 2 (Vimeo)

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