Vivaldi crashed with Airfoil 😒

  • Tl;dr: So I had a default installation on my 64-bit windows 10 and it worked wonderful up to yesterday, when I apparently managed to kill it permanently; never knew that man can kill applications for good 😃

    I use 3rd party app (Airfoil) to make airplay work from my Windows to my amplifier. When I tried to open Vivaldi through it, the browser crashed (and each plugin crashed separately, which was fun). Ok, so I figured that while it has never happened with other apps, I can stream music through other browsers so not a big deal.

    ..except Vivaldi never recovered. Not after reboot, not after reinstall, not after uninstalling Vivaldi, deleting the folder from appdata and reinstalling it to a different drive as standalone. It simply refuses to open.

    When I click vivaldi.exe, nothing visible happens. two processes for vivaldi.exe open up for some two seconds only to disappear right after. It also leaves the update_notifier.exe open. And that's it.

    I crawled through the forums and noticed that the default goto-move is to blame the security product(s), so I disabled that stuff and as expected, it had no effect whatsoever. Oh and that airfoil is not open, so that's not it either. Help?

  • @viritys Probably "something" in your profile - try a new profile

  • Thanks but umm... so the profile is not stored under the \AppData\Local\Vivaldi (which I already wiped)? And if so, where is it? 🙂 Because the link tells me to open Vivaldi (which I can't do) to find the path that I should rename/delete.

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    If you have a default installation, your browser profile can be found by opening %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data
    If you installed as a Standalone and you do not remember, you have to search the vivaldi.exe, your profile may be found at Application\..\User Data

  • Thanks but yes, already deleted both of the aforementioned folders before writing my first message. Should I try to scout some registry entries perhaps?

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