Custom Thumbnails on Start Page Disappear

  • I've downloaded some custom thumbnails to use for bookmarks on the start page. However, these frequently disappear and I'm left with a blank thumbnail.

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    @globalnomad You have to leave them in the directory to which you directing the browser to find them. They are not stored in the browser's filesystem - rather they are fetched from the directory you first point the browser to, to find them, and they have to stay there. So pick a folder location you like, save them to it, and point the browser there - and then don't delete or move them.

  • @ayespy Thanks for the idea, but I haven't moved them. I purposefully saved them in the Vivaldi folder (and always point to the same unmoved images) precisely because I figured it wasn't storing them internally anywhere. Any other possible solutions?

  • To make sure they never get deleted by updates I've made a dir where to put my custom thumbs in
    and set my SD thumbs from there

  • @ian-coog Thanks for those thoughts. I never thought before that perhaps the updates are removing my thumbnails. I took a look at my current missing thumbnails and realized that they were pointing to the Vivaldi installed thumbnails under the "Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.13.1008.30\resources". I'm on the snapshot stream so these updates could certainly be breaking them. I just copied all the default Vivaldi thumbs into the other folder I was using (the one where thumbnails haven't broken) and updated Vivaldi - no disappearances. I think you might have solved the issue - thanks!

    That said, this sounds like it's a bug that should be fixed if Vivaldi can't find its own resources after an update.

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    @globalnomad Because the thumbs in "Resources" are determined by commercial agreements, they are subject to change and are replaced/refreshed with each update, as they are always changing. That's not a folder for user use.


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