Issue with Youtube and Facebook videos

  • On Youtube there's a visible rectangle in the top of the video both in normal mode and in full screen. It's like a piece of the frame is chopped and it lags behind or something like that.
    Facebook videos play fine but framerate drops when entering full screen.
    Latest snapshot, tried a clean install, still facing said issues.

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    @shhnedo said in Issue with Youtube and Facebook videos:

    framerate drops when entering full screen

    May help: Vivaldi Settings -> Appearance -> Disable Aninmation

  • @gwen-dragon Nope, still the same.

  • Animation can interfere if active when playing in windowed mode, not in full screen where animations are not rendered anyway. Maybe try
    invert setting (disable if enabled, or viceversa) and retry

  • Okay, things took a surprising turn. First of all the accelerated-video-decode didn't have any effect on my problems. Now, the facebook videos appear to be behaving strangely. If I play a video that's on my feed, it plays with a normal framerate(video is smooth) and when I expand it to fullscreen it starts to "lag"(video becomes a bit choppy, as if it's running at less than 25 fps or something of the sort). BUT, if I copy the url of the video itself, load the page and then play it, it runs smooth no matter how i'm viewing it(fullscreen or not). TLDR - facebook videos lag in fullscreen only if I play them from my feed.

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