(FIXED) How to set multiple key combinations for an action, or clear it to none?

  • By default, Vivaldi has some actions which are assigned multiple keyboard shortcuts (viewable by ⌘G for the "Quick Commands" overlay or by going to Vivaldi Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts). However in the settings, when I enter any command, it just overwrites the old command, instead of adding another comma-separated string. How are multiple values entered, as is already the default for some actions? [color=#00bb00][b]Update: Fixed by [u][url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/28-snapshot-1-0-167-2-better-keyboard-shortcut-editing-and-user-statistics]snapshot[/url][/u]. ("VB-3935 - Can't set more than one keyboard shortcut pper item")[/b][/color] Also, how do you clear it so that an action has [i]no[/i] key assignment? Delete and backspace do nothing. [color=#00bb00][b]Update: fixed by [u][url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/24-snapshot-1-0-156-2-feature-polish-and-tons-of-bug-fixes]snapshot[/url][/u]. ("VB-4005 - Delete/restore individual keyboard shortcuts")[/b][/color] Am I missing something obvious, or is this just an unfinished aspect of the interface? [color=#00bb00][b]Update: all better now. ;)[/b][/color]

  • Yes I'd also like to know this too

  • With snapshot version, Vivaldi now provides a way to clear a shortcut entry by hovering the mouse pointer over the shortcut and clicking the "x" button that appears. (They also added a new per-item "Restore default shortcut" button that likewise appears when hovering over the action.)

    There is still no obvious way to enter multiple shortcuts for an action.

  • Yes I saw that new feature too, I guess it wasn't supported before. Hope support for configuring multiple shortcuts for the same action follows soon behind.

    Also anyone knows if there's a way to customize or, if not currently supported, disable the mouse gestures? I guess it's still not implemented yet too, right?
    It would be nice if one could disable them for now and meanwhile use some gestures chrome extension for that purpose instead.

  • Fixed with Snapshot
    "VB-3935 - Can't set more than one keyboard shortcut pper item"

  • Yep, pretty cool. Still somewhat bugged, but it's a start


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