Tab switching - Ctrl + Page Up vs. Ctrl + Tab

  • I've run into a small problem with tab switching in the current stable version. I checked out the current snapshot version to see if it's been fixed but actually the problem's worse there.

    Steps to reproduce in the stable version (1.12.955.48):

    1. You have 3 tabs open and you're on the 3rd one
    2. Press Ctrl+Page Up a couple times (without releasing the Ctrl key) to get to Tab 1.
    3. Press Ctrl+Tab once. You'll now be on Tab 3 as you only passed through Tab 2 before. That's great.
    4. Press Ctrl+Tab once more. You'll now be on Tab 2. That's incorrect as you should be on Tab 1 again.

    In the current snapshot version (1.13.1008.21) the problem will manifest earlier, on step 3.

    Additional information: I tried it in Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

  • which setting do you have, in tab cycling?
    Cycle in recently used order
    Cycle in tab order

  • Cycle in recently used order. That's why I expect it to go from Tab 1 to Tab 3 and back, since Tab 2 wasn't really recently used.

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