Music Players API for Linux applets.

  • There would be super, if there just be option to APIize youtube, soundclound and simillar services, so I would have list of them in API so I could create myself an applet, in which I could i.e. :

    Pause all playing youtube videos and play soundclound etc,
    So for each opened youtube/soundcloud window I could have controls in applet dock on mouse hover, so I don't have to look in window where it's playing and move it that much it takes long time to cycle trought desktops to find playing window and pause it.

    No preview needed, just title of window and play pause next previus and close tab functions(if only tab in window check window if to close),...

    And also if it would fire event on video playing, so when I load youtube video, it can automatically pause music if I want (I would have notification where I click it or hit enter on that).

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    You need a API for Vivaldi to remote control Vivaldi's tabs with your Linux Desktop Applets?

  • Exactly, it could lead even to fact that I play/pause music by phone from the bed.

  • That kind of control of HTML players could be also fancy inbrowser, to pause soundcloud while switching to youtube, or pause media when going to play facebook one.

    It could be extension, but I don't know ... it would be nice if extensions could open allowed unix sockets, then I could do myself.

    And vivaldi's api could also be socket, no matter if ip one or unix one.

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