Voice search workaround (with extension)

  • One of my only real issues with vivaldi is not having access to the google voice api (and from what I've read it sounds like it's never gonna happen)

    So workaround time..

    This workaround uses cortana in place of google voice, but the problem is MS is very protective of all that web traffic they get by actively forcing cortana to use ONLY edge/bing. And well being forced to use edge/bing?? Uhhgg.. I'd rather go to a LIBRARY!!

    So first install this app to bypass EEv1 (evil empire aka Microsoft)

    Edge Deflector
    Then under apps/defaults/by protocol find Edge in the defaults and switch it to EdgeDeflector.

    Now select any browser you want as your default..

    Halfway there, assuming you wanna use google as your search engine you can install Chrometana and it will redirect your bing searches to google :-)


    It's not exactly google now, but it's pretty darn close, and from this day we shall call you.. Cortana Now!!

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