Bug(FIXED):Old Quick Key assignments will persist in addition to new ones until Vivaldi is restarted

  • [color=#00bb00]Update: Fixed ([u][url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/25-snapshot-1-0-161-1-more-bugfixing]VB-4312[/url][/u])[/color] What the title says. e.g. 1. Go into Settings>Navigation. 2. Go to one of the settings listed under [i]Keyborad shortcuts[/i], e.g. [i]Refresh page[/i] which is by default set to [b]⌘R, F5[/b] 3. Set it to something else, e.g. [b]⇧⌘H[/b] 4. Exit settings and on any page press [b]⌘R[/b] . Note that the new key assignment of [b]⇧⌘H[/b] works [i]as well[/i]. Result: Page refreshes instead of nothing happening. This persistence will continue until you close and restart Vivaldi. OS X 10.10.2 Vivaldi i've submitted this to the bug report form (and posted it here for public reference).

  • I just saw in the changelog mention of issue "VB-4525 Default keyboard shortcut update mess", but whatever issue that resolves, it unfortunately does not fix this shortcut persistence until restart.

    Edit: On the blog, Christoph142 helpfully confirmed:

    Nope, that's another one. But your bug (VB-4312) will be fixed soon-ish©, too. 😉


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