stats from address bar and zoom question

  • I'm trying to make the jump to Vivaldi but I just can't unless there's an option to remove the stats from the address bar when a page loads ... this kind of info is okay on the bottom but very distracting on top, and my address bar needs to be on top ... is there any option to remove the megabytes and the loading objects stats that appear for a second or so on every new page

    also on the bottom there is a scroll for zoom ... I like it's a built-in zoom,, but I prefer plus and minus buttons, any options to add those?

  • vivaldi://settings/appearance/ "use buttons in range controls" -- will give you buttons for your zoom.

    As for the address bar stats, you can remove them, but this needs a custom modification:
    This should work: .pageload.progress-done .pageload-ticker { display: none; }


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