Can I register to synchronize my bookmarks?

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    @jun75007 Sync has been in development for over three years. It's not something being tossed off in the last few weeks. The indicator for synced tabs will be back (it is already in my internal test version), but the intake of the Chromium 64 engine has required some changes to be made. There are plans to sync more than 10 items, including settings, etc. - but at any time externally or internally required changes are imposed, access to this or that sync item may have to be interrupted. It's a hazard of being built on top of Chromium, which is always changing. Never fear. Everything will be available, as bugs are fixed and regressions repaired.

    Edit: In fact, a while after opening by Snapshots instance, there is the sync cloud in the tab bar, showing my sync'ed tabs. So apparently, it never left. It seems it only shows up after a connection with the sync server has been established.

  • Thanks so much for this update.
    I really like Vivaldi, and I am about to quit Firefox.
    Unfortunately , my only contribution can be in reporting pbs...

    I have now two cloud icons, one at the bottom which indicates whether sync has been performed, one at the top with tabs on other devices (yes, it is back).

    Besides that, I am now experiencing pbs with mouse clickings.
    Left click on link doesn't open in new tab, despite settings, as it used to.
    Middle click which would not work with Vivaldi (in my own experience), is now operative...

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    @jun75007 There is no setting to open links in a new tab. LMB will open links in the same tab, unless the link's target is set to New window.

  • @jun75007 said in Can I register to synchronize my bookmarks?:

    Really don't understand what Vivaldi team is doing with synchronization.
    Imho, this should be a top priority. Many people are using 2 or 3 devices, and expect this feature (much more than vertical reading ).
    As I reported in a previous post , only a few components can be synchronized. Not necessarily the most needed ( to me it is more important to synchronize settings than bookmarks).
    Moreover, I have the feeling that we are going backward: in the last snapshot, the cloud icon which indicates the synchronizing status has been moved down within the bottom bar (much less convenient) and doesn't show anymore the tabs open on other devices, as it used to be.
    Thank you for any info you can provide on the future developments of sync.

    Sync is still in development.

    Oh, and vertical reading is most definitely a priority for peoples whose written language runs vertically instead of horizontally--this includes the Japanese people, who represent Vivaldi's biggest market.

  • @pesala
    In settings/ search , there is an option Open in new tab.
    Additionally, in Google search settings, there is the option Open in new window.
    I did check both, but nothing happens when I left click on search results in Google. However, the middle click does work and open a new tab.

  • @jun75007 said in Can I register to synchronize my bookmarks?:

    In settings/ search , there is an option Open in new tab.

    Yes, but that is for when a "search" is performed, not when a link is clicked.

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