Browser UX Spec

  • This is something I came up with of the features that I enjoyed from mostly firefox and safari. It's incomplete, but it may be useful for Vivaldi. I am aware that some features in this list may already provided by Vivaldi. Web Browser UX Specification Downloads -Ability to save files to desktop. -Clearly notify user when a download fails. -Downloads that persist in its own window after closing all browser windows... and when the downloads finish, the download window closes automatically, ending the program. (this is more of a Windows thing.) Tabs -Option to use blank page (or speed dial) in new tab. -Option to Save Tabs or Quit when multiple tabs are open. -Open links immediately on left click; use right-click menu to open in new tab in background. -Reopen closed tabs. -Ability to duplicate tab. -Option to open PDFs using a PDF application. Privacy -Block third party cookies. -Clear all data upon program quit or manual command. -Suggest only Bookmarks in the address bar. Recovery -Restore tabs and downloads on improper exit. -Security -Block Plugins until I click. Search -Allow addition of search engines, preferably by right-clicking search fields. -Allow Keyword Search. -Suggest search engines in search field (so you can navigate to the search engine you want using the down arrow). UI -Option to remove tabs from titlebar. I like space to move the window. -Work in Bookmarks (ex: delete them) in the Bookmarks Toolbar. OS X Compatibility -Support for Safari swipe animation. -Support for Dictionary gesture. -The close tab icon should be on the left. Windows Compatibility -Don't show tab previews in taskbar.


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