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  • This has been discussed here and I've posted about it myself. The Vivaldi bookmarks manager just isn't working for me.

    My wife and I use 3 computers plus 2 more virtual machines. In each of these machines we use at least 3 browsers, that's 15 browsers, (more really, but 15 that are used regularly), and we both use the same set of bookmarks. She has her personal folders, I have my personal folders and then there are those we share. This way I get to be the "bookmarks keeper"! 🙂

    I keep all our bookmarks in folders in the bookmarks toolbar on all our browsers. Then, by sorting everything alpha, everything is quite easy to access and find. Using Xmarks all my browsers on all my computers are kept synced. Easy Peasy.

    The Vivaldi bookmark manager is, well, clunky. At least as compared to the Firefox manager. Even the Chrome bookmark manager allows for reasonably easy alpha sorting.

    With Vivaldi, there is NO way to sort those folders. I can sort inside the Vivaldi Bookmark Manager but it doesn't affect the bookmarks/folders inside my bookmarks toolbar.

    I've made Vivaldi my default browser some months ago. I've encouraged family and friends to try it and I've put it on the computers of those people that ask me to work on and maintain their PCs. They are all, to a person, complaining of the same problem.

    The ability to keep my bookmarks sorted and synced between browsers and computers is simply non-negotiable. It's a must.

    As of today I've gone back to Firefox as my default browser on all computers. I'm keeping Vivaldi on everything and will continue to use it but I will no longer recommend it except with reservations as re: bookmarks manager.

    I sincerely hope to see this shortcoming, (to me), addressed, at which time I will reconsider.

    Thank you to the devs for an otherwise great browser.


  • Syncing will sooner or later arrive. As for the bookmarks manager, the sorting is a point I have criticised as well. You can only display them sorted in the panel, but your bookmarks aren't actually being sorted. I'm running an extension to sort bookmarks in the meantime -- whenever I need it I enable it, and then I immediately disable it.

  • I doubt that syncing between different browsers and across platforms will ever be a feature for any browser, hence the uniqueness and value of Xmarks. I've been using it for almost ten years and as far as I know it's STILL one of a kind.

    I think that IF we had 1 or even 2 computers and we used Vivaldi exclusively, and IF Vivaldi had a sync feature, (such as Firefox and Chrome already have), then we could use just the Vivaldi bookmark panel....... and we'd be fine.

    Unfortunately we don't live in that Utopian world. We live in the world I described earlier. And in that world Vivaldi just doesn't work for us, as is.

  • @bornconfuzd Across platforms -- sure. Vivaldi will sync between all major operating systems, probably including Android in the future. But across different browsers? How would this be possible? Of course you need something like xmarks then, and you are completely dependent on their cloud and security.

  • Your point? What does any Xmarks dependency have to do with Vivaldi Bookmarks Manager?

    I was simply explaining how I maintain my bookmarks across browsers and platforms. Part of that is the use of Xmarks. My inclusion of Xmarks in my explanation was illustrative only and has no bearing on the shortcoming of Vivaldi as re sorting bookmarks.

    The part I'm addressing here is Vivaldi's lack of ability to sort my bookmarks so that when they ARE synced, yes, using Xmarks, they remain sorted.

    Your argument that "I'm completely dependent on their cloud and security", is a non sequitur.

  • It appears that this may become another one of "those" threads.

    I have no intention of having to defend my position against some fanboi who refuses to see the validity in anyone's complaint.

    I've posted my position, as well as I could, in good spirit and with good intention. Take it for what you will.


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    @bornconfuzd Vivaldi Sync, as I use it across platforms, preserves bookmarks sorting. So that is something to look forward to when it arrives.

    As across browsers, of course something like XMarks is the only current solution.

  • @bornconfuzd said in Vivaldi Bookmarks Manager:

    With Vivaldi, there is NO way to sort those folders.

    Vote for Feature requests for 1.13:

    True alphabetical sorting of bookmarks

  • @pesala I've voted in favor.

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